Screening To Predict Injury with Chris Kitson Osteopath

March 10, 2019

#Ep19: To what extent can we effectively 'screen' runners to identify movement patterns linked with a higher risk of injury? We chat to Chris Kitson, joint founder of The Movement Hub, a personal training & manual therapy centre in the North of England.

* * * APOLOGIES FOR THE LOW SOUND QUALITY - technical issues at Chris' end that we couldn't fix in time. * * *

As a competitive triathlete himself, Chris has worked with numerous GB level athletes and has an excellent understanding of the stresses that are involved in top level sport.

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UltraMirage100k Special with race founder Amir Ben Gacem

February 14, 2019

#Ep18: Amir Ben Gacem is the founder & race director of ULTRA MIRAGE EL DJERID 100K, the ultra trail that everyone is talking about, especially after we spoke with the 2018 female champion Elisabet Barnes in Episode 15. Amir talks to us about why he founded the race, what makes it so special, AND gives some excellent insider tips on how to prepare for it. He also shares news of incredible personal ultra challenge he has set himself: a solo crossing of the Djerid! 

For those of you unaware, ULTRA MIRAGE is a 100km single stage extreme Desert race on the largest salt pan of the Sahara - Chott El Djerid. Runners have 20 hours to finish the race with specific deadlines for each of the five checkpoints. With a stunning backdrop and terrain that includes small sand dunes, salt lake, dried river beds and rocks, what better way to prepare for it than by listening to race director Amir Ben Gacem.

Details of this year's race (5th Oct) can be found on the official website

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Multiple Peak Training with Mike James Endurance Physio

January 20, 2019

#Ep16: Mike James 'The Endurance Physio' is a hugely experienced ultra endurance athlete and evidence driven therapist so expect some great advice as Mike chats to us live from this year's 'The Running Show' at the Birmingham NEC.

After a natural & expected conversation about beard products (you'll only appreciate that if you joined us for the live video recording at, Mike focuses on how to successfully prepare for multiple peaks in a year without succumbing to the all too often symptoms of overtraining, pain or injury.

The LIVE podcast recordings take place twice a month on Sundays at 1.30pm GMT (8.30am ET), so do join us if you'd like to put questions to our guests. If you enjoy an episode, do please LIKE and SHARE it (especially on iTunes) as it plays a massive role in helping us spread the good word! Thanks in advance and enjoy!

Elisabet Barnes: Marathon De Sables Two Time Winner

January 6, 2019

#Ep16: Happy New Year! In this episode, we are joined by ultra endurance running legend Elisabet Barnes who shares some absolute pearls of advice & inspiration for not only ultra runners but any runner keen to learn about preparing physically and mentally for challenge. Elisabet is best known for being two times female champion of the infamous Marathon Des Sables, and in the 2018 Ultra Mirage El Djerid 100KM in Tunisia she not came first amongst the women but also finished with just three men in front of her. An incredible athlete who we hope inspires you as much as she did us in the interview.    

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Understanding Pain with Ben Cormack

December 16, 2018

#Ep14: Ben Cormack of Cor-Kinetic joins us for 'Runners Guide To Pain', the last episode of 2018. When it comes to explaining concepts from modern pain science, Ben is one of our top 'go to' guys. Any therapist into evidence based treatment NEEDS to be following Ben.

His website Cor-Kinetic has absolutely tons of awesome information, and the CPD courses he runs are in my opinion some of the best out there. In this podcast, we hope to provide an insight for runners too, and show how an understanding of modern pain science can potentially revolutionize the way in which you deal with injury and reduce risk of future issues.

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Kenya Run Beyond Special with George Parkes and Jimmy Beauttah

December 9, 2018

#Ep13: Live from Nairobi with special guests George Parkes, founder of Run Beyond, and legendary elite coach Jimmy 'Simba' Beauttah.

I had the pleasure of first meeting these gentlemen when I was asked to help set up 'Run Beyond' in Kenya and train the team in how to deliver evidence based gait analysis using the same software that I use in my gait lab at StrideUK.

Jimmy 'Simba' Beauttah, better known in the industry as Coach Simba, is one of the Godfathers of Kenyan running, having coached athletes like Abel Kiprop, Moses Kiptanui & Daniel Komen. In his 30 plus years of coaching, he has been responsible for producing eight World Championship medals, three Olympic medals and two Commonwealth Games medals. Without doubt a truly inspirational guy to listen to. Enjoy!

Gait Analysis with Nick Knight Podiatrist

December 2, 2018

#Ep12: Running Gait Analysis was once regarded as THE way to buy the correct running shoes. However, the traditional model used (checking for overpronation/oversupination) has been shown by studies to have NO scientific credibility and needs to stop. So how can we select shoes? CAN gait analysis help? Can it help reduce risk of injury? Can it help recovery from current injury? How about getting that next PB? Special guest NICK KNIGHT of NK Sports Podiatry helps us separate fact from fiction using as always good old fashioned EVIDENCE as our guide. Expect bombshells! 

Kenyan Physio Martin Ong’Wen

November 25, 2018

#Ep11: MARTIN ONG'WEN is a physiotherapist from Nairobi whom we had the pleasure of meeting during the time we spent out there helping set up new running company Run Beyond. Martin recently completed a 'tour' of the United Kingdom including a very well received guest speaker spot at the ‘Reasoning, Responsibility & Reform in MSK practice’ conference organised by The Physio Matters Podcast team. We talk to Martin about his experiences in the UK, the fantastic work he does in Kenya plus a discussion about what makes Kenyan runners stand out. 

Strength & Conditioning for Runners with Alex Backhouse

November 18, 2018

#Ep10: Regular listeners will be aware of our theory that if runners spent as much time strengthening as they do stretching there would be far less injury out there. To delve into the world of strength training we talk to Strength & Conditioning Coach ALEX BACKHOUSE about how his methodology has evolved since early days training UFC & Invicta fighters through to obtaining his Masters in S&C. Plenty of great info for runners looking to insert some all important strength work into their weekly training. Enjoy!

Running Shoes, Orthotics & Insoles with Ian Griffiths Podiatrist

November 4, 2018

#Ep9: This episode really is a MUST listen for runners, therapists & coaches seeking evidence based ways to understand how we SHOULD be selecting footwear, orthoses and inserts. Special guest IAN GRIFFITHS, highly respected podiatrist & sports injury specialist, gives some fantastic information about how the traditional method of prescription has changed over the years, and how YOU the runner can tell if a podiatrist, physiotherapist, sports therapist, etc. is staying up to date with the evidence. Ian's website: Sports Podiatry Info Podcast: PodChatLive.