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RCL60: Nutrition Month Pt4: ’Nutrition For The Athletic Female’ with special guest Kathryn Stewart

June 4, 2022

Our month's 'Focus on Nutrition' concludes with Part 4: ‘Nutrition for the Athletic Female’. Like the previous three parts, this episode is from the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, uploaded here to Runchatlive as nutrition is a topic of relevance to runners & professionals who work with runners. The podcast is recorded LIVE on the Sports Therapy Association YouTube Channel every Tuesday at 8pm (GMT+1).

In this episode ‘Nutrition for the Athletic Female, we are joined by special guest Kathryn Stewart, a registered dietician with the Dublin Nutrition Centre, with a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Kathryn has worked as a dietitian in both the UK and Ireland covering a range of clinical areas such as bowel surgery, gut disorders, oncology, stroke, respiratory conditions, heart health and weight management.

Some of you may have seen the work Kathryn has done with The Athletic Female team Emma Brockwell, Grainne Donnelly and Dr Helen McElroy, who were guests on the show back in February 2022 in Ep.89 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast: 'The Athletic Female'.

Topics discussed:

  • How to get experience as a Dietician or Nutritionist
  • How important is gender when looking at nutrition for athletes?
  • The problem of research historically being done by males on males
  • Signs that your client/patient may have a nutrition related issue
  • Using the menstral cycle to flag potential nutritional deficiency
  • How to overcome 'taboo topics' in clinic
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): how common is it and how much can diet modification help?
  • Are there any particularly 'dangerous' diets out there?
  • Athletic Amenorrhea: how much is it regarded as 'to be expected' by competitive female athletes?
  • Frozen food: friend or foe?
  • Supplements: necessary for female athletes or can everything be obtained in a healthy diet?

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Our sincere thanks to Kathryn Stewart for giving up her time to be a guest! 

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