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Alice Sanvito: Massage Therapy - How to be Evidence Based

September 19, 2020

Despite the popularity of massage, many of the common assumptions of what is happening physiologically are poorly evidenced. In this episode of Runchatlive, internationally acclaimed massage therapist Alice Sanvito talks to us about what massage does & doesn’t do for runners, and how therapists can make it work better.

We also discuss both therapists and runners can learn & evolve without feeling anger & frustration. Alice Sanvito is one of ten speakers presenting at this year's Runchatlive International Running Conference, Oct 29th & 30th Online. As one of just four therapists in the USA selected by Zhenya Kurashova Wine to be trained as instructors for the Kurashova Institute for the Study of Physical Medicine, Alice Sanvito has a great amount of experience in massage therapy, with a no nonsense science-based approach that makes her a leading figure in a number of online communities. Look out for her hashtag #shitmassagetherapistssay


Oct 29th & 30th - ONLINE!
Simultaneous Translation into Spanish!
10 fantastic speakers including:
Matt Fitzgerald, Kevin Maggs, Ben Cormack, Tom Goom, Alice Sanvito, Claire Minshull, Trevor Prior, Emma Brockwell, Nick Knight & Jess Bruce, Mike James.



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