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Hamish Vickerman: How To Overcome Plantar Fasciitis

July 4, 2020
Runchatlive Ep.47 brings you a 'Plantar Fasciitis Special' with guest Hamish Vickerman, creator of 'The Fasciitis Fighter.' As per last month , this episode was dual-streamed LIVE to Facebook Group 'The Running Community' as well as our facebook page at .

Hamish Vickerman created The Fasciitis Fighter in reaction to research published by Michael Rathleff in 2014: 'High-load strength training improves outcome in patients with plantar fasciitis'. In this episode, we discuss how the Rathleff paper revolutionised the way Plantar Fasciitis (PF) should be treated, and in doing so we cast a critical eye on many of the traditional ways that runners & non runners deal with PF, often following advice handed out by therapists & GPs who are clearly not up to date with the evidence.

It's an eye opening episode which we hope you enjoy and take on board, whether you are a therapist or a runner. As always feel free to leave comments and questions in the comment section.


This episode of Runchatlive was recorded LIVE as always at and then uploaded to YouTube and all popular podcast apps. By joining us live at Facebook you are able to ask the guests questions and be part of the moment! Join us for the next one!

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