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RCL55: ’Sleep: Injury & Performance’ with special guest Dr Jonathan Charest

April 21, 2022

Our new episodes continue, in association with the 'Sleep Awareness Month' of the Sports Thera[y Association, streamed live at 8pm (GMT +1) every Tuesday in April, to both the STA YouTube Channel and also the Runchatlive Facebook Page

In this episode, I am joined by special guest Dr Jonathan Charest, Director of Athlete Sleep Services at The Centre for Sleep & Human Performance, in Calgary, Canada. Dr Charest, a published scientific author in the field of sleep research, discusses the impact sleep quality/quantity can have on athletic performance, cognition, health, and mental well-being. He also talks about the role of sleep in reducing risk of injury, and how by delivering education, screening tools, and research-based strategies we can help establish healthy sleep for athletes throughout their career.

Topics discussed include:

  • Has there been an increase in our understanding of the relationship between sleep and athletic performance over the last few years?
  • Do athletes sleep worse than non athletic population?
  • Does going to bed earlier the night before early morning training help?
  • How relevant are Circadian Rhythms and Chronotypes when it comes to working with athletes?
  • Are potential future elite athletes slipping through the net because of insufficient sleep?
  • Do elite athletes for different sports tend to be of the same chronotype?  
  • What are some ways we can help athletes who are suffering from inadequate sleep?
  • How useful are sleep trackers and wearables to athletes?
  • How much of a factor is the type of sport when it comes to sleep inadequacy?
  • Can athletes 'bank' sleep hourse and if so how long do saved hours last?
  • What strategies can we give to athletes to help them improve their sleep?       

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About This Week's Guest
Dr. Jonathan Charest is the director of Athlete Sleep Services and a behavioral sleep medicine specialist at the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance as well as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary. A published scientific author in the field of sleep research, Dr Charest Focuses on how to optimize sleep, training and travel schedule for athletes, occasional athletes, and student-athletes, and possesses expertise in behavioral sleep medicine (CBT-I), circadian rhythms disorders as well as the specific reality of the athletic population. As an ex-athlete, he believes in the importance of sleep, recovery and regeneration in the performance environment.

A huge thanks to Dr Jonathan Charest for giving up his time to join us!

Because SLEEP is such a massively important topic, this month's 'Sleep Awareness' series is being recorded LIVE on not just the STA YouTube Channel but also Runchatlive Facebook Page!

  • APRIL 5th - 'Sleep: The Silent Epidemic' with Jesse Cook, Clinical Psychology PhD Student and Sleep Researcher - recording available on all popular podcast apps! 
  • APRIL 12th - 'Sleep Trackers' with Dr Olivia Walch, CEO of Arcascope, PhD Applied Mathematics - recording available on all popular podcast apps!
  • APRIL 19th - 'Sleep: Injury & Performance' with Dr Jonathan Charest, Director of Athlete Sleep Service at Centre For Sleep & Human Performance
  • APRIL 26th - 'In-Home Polysomnogram' with Dr Amy M. Bender, Director of Clinical Sleep Science at Cerebra, including results of my 30 night Sleep study! Amy was my guest in August 2021 in Ep63 ‘How Sleep Affects Sports And Fitness’.

Feel free to join us LIVE on Tuesdays throughout April at 8pm (GMT+1)!

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