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Paul Ingraham: Muscle Knots and Trigger Points - Run Chat Live #52

October 9, 2020

Visit a massage therapist and chances are you will be told you have muscle knots and maybe even 'Trigger Points'. Much of the therapist's work will strive to 'undo' these knots, maybe using 'Trigger Point Therapy'. But how much evidence is there that these knots are responsible for pain. What effect does 'releasing' them have? As runners, can we benefit from such 'release'?

Ep.52 of Run Chat Live Podcast brings you the undisputed forefather of putting evidence back into therapeutical care - Mr Paul Ingraham. If you are as yet aware of Paul Ingraham’s work via, formerly known as, then buckle yourself in for an episode that is going to change your life. Though taste is obviously a personal thing, as far as writing style, humour & educational skills go, Paul Ingraham is still after many, many years one of Run Chat Live's TOP RECOMMENDATIONS for clinicians (and patients) looking to open the door to becoming more evidence based.

Check out Paul’s book about trigger points and muscle pain. That's behind a paywall, but there's also a long free article about trigger point science and controversies, and an introduction to basic trigger point therapy.

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