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Matt Fitzgerald: Running The Dream - How To Train Like An Elite

May 22, 2020

Runchatlive Ep43: Matt Fitzgerald 'Running The Dream'

In this episode of Runchatlive, we welcome the return of Matt Fitzgerald, nutritionist, endurance athlete and author of hugely popular books such as 'Brain Training For Runners', 'Run Faster 5k to Marathon', '80/20 Running', 'Diet Cults' and the truly incredible 'Life Is A Marathon' which we spoke to Matt about in Runchatlive Ep.37.

'RUNNING THE DREAM', Matt's latest book, documents a summer he spent with the Northern Arizona Elite, one of the country's premier professional running teams, training with national champions and Olympic hopefuls in the running mecca of Flagstaff, Arizona, leading in to the Chicago Marathon. His goal: to beat at the age of 46 a marathon PB he set 9 years earlier!

With Matt's trademark mix of humour, drama and defiant endurance in the face of adversity, 'RUNNING THE DREAM' is an incredible book and a total eye opener for any veteran runner tempted to play the "I'm too old" card, flipping as always from utterly gripping to Cheshire grinning, chapter after chapter.


Oct 29th & 30th - ONLINE!
Simultaneous Translation into Spanish!
10 fantastic speakers including:
Matt Fitzgerald, Kevin Maggs, Ben Cormack, Tom Goom, Alice Sanvito, Claire Minshull, Trevor Prior, Emma Brockwell, Nick Knight & Jess Bruce, Mike James.



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